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The columbarium provides a place in the hallowed ground of historic St. John’s Cemetery for the permanent repose of cremated human remains, and is open to everyone.

All remains are treated with the respect and reverence mandated by our faith tradition.

St. John’s Cemetery Columbarium offers inurnment for cremated human remains and is open to everyone. This document describes the rules that govern the sale and operation of the columbarium and niches.

Niches and Pricing

There are 405 separate niches.  All niches are companion niches and can contain two sets of cremains. Each niche is 12” by 12” by 12”.   The price of a niche in the St. John’s Cemetery Columbarium varies based upon the row and the section of the columbarium.


Niche Pricing
Rows A and B                  $4,000

Rows C and D                  $3,800

Row E                               $3,500


Wall with the Cross (Columns 43-49)
Note: the gray cross niches in columns 45-46-47 are not for sale.

Rows A and B                  $5,000

Rows C and D                  $4,800

Row E                               $4,400

Under the Dome (Columns 16-19)
Rows A and B                  $6,000

Rows C and D                  $5,700

Row E                               $5,300

Chapel Niche                    $8,000

Niche Face Engraving

Niche pricing does not include the cost of engraving and opening the niche for the second inurnment.  There is a fee of $100 to open the columbarium for the second inurnment.


The cemetery will recommend an engraver to families and must approve the design before engraving is done.

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